"There is a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little and builds itself. It's called a tree." -Greta Thunberg

As long known global deforestation is increasingly releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) into our atmosphere. This is an essential contributor to the devastating climate change. Rising temperatures cause sea levels to rise and an increasing number of species – flora and fauna – on our planet to simply vanish. It is our wish and urgent necessity to finally stop causing the earth's suffering. We only have this one. We therefore try to work towards offsetting our emissions and CO2 consumption that arises during production and delivery of our mats. We exhale – and nature gives us the needed oxygen for every fresh new breath. We cannot exist without trees. Prana is breath, soul, life and life force.

Our partnership with Tree-Nation

When you buy a LYKA mat we plant a new tree in collaboration with Tree Nation, to support their global forestry. This tree will carry your name in our LYKA forest on site. We have our first trees in Kenya and would like to help build a lot more forests worldwide.

"I want to plant trees all over the world." -Joseph Beuys

Tree-Nation have set themselves the goal of actively addressing climate change through deforestation as a major global problem. They enable tree planting projects all over the world. Tree Nation's focus lays especially on tropical regions. On one hand nature is exploited to a particularly high degree here economically: 85% of our biodiversity are currently threatened with extinction. On the other hand trees grow much faster in warm, humid areas so that they can reduce CO2 more directly.

After your purchase you can digitally plant the tree yourself! It's fun and makes you grow just as much as our LYKA forest!


Our commitment to the planet

1 tree for every mat sold

Discover our forest
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