Hey Ryan! We are so proud to be able to open our LYKA blog with the wonderful photo series of you! You look incredibly strong and self-confident in the pictures. Iis that how you feel also about yourself?

I would say that I actually have a lot more confidence in myself today. Of course everyone knows this roller coaster: it's a long journey to get there. You may never feel consistent and at peace with yourself but that's fine too. It is important to be surrounded by good like-minded people who like you and appreciate you for who you are.

That's absolutely true. How would you say do you keep your mind and body connected in daily life?

In the last few years I have started taking Tai Chi and Yoga classes. It actually helped me a lot in connecting my mind to my body.

Are there any other activities that help you getting rid of everyday stress?

Yes. Cooking, exercising and relaxing are equally wonderful for me to come down from a hectic day.

To us the yoga mat represents a “safe space” – a retreat environment in which you can be fully by yourself and take on new perspectives. You live in Berlin and are one of many queer people who have chosen the German capital as home. How would you describe your personal "Safe Space"?

As previously described the people around me are very important to me. I think my friends ended up in Berlin just like me because we feel more accepted here than in our hometowns. Here in Berlin it actually feels very natural to be able to freely express your own identity.

You grew up in Liverpool, England. How was it there for you

I actually grew up in the suburbs of Liverpool. There you either adapt or become a target. You think twice about what to wear before you leave the house.

What is important to feel safe and in peace?

Take care of yourself and definitely learn to say "no" when necessary.

We live in very particular times. What factors do you feel most influenced by?

Mentally, physically, emotionally - the financial factor in particular has a permanent influence on us. But if you keep making it through all these hurdles something new will emerge. To see how people keep finding new ways and solutions is fascinating and empowering.

Could you imagine radically changing your current lifestyle?

We're always changing. But today I am more willing to make positive changes to aspects of my life than I have done in the past.

You have a half Chinese background. Can you describe how this has influenced you compared to the English side?

Yes, I grew up in a British / Chinese household. Of course I have influences from both sides but the British are more present. The older I got the more I developed an interest in my Chinese roots and the philosophy behind them.

What has primarily influenced your attitude towards life to this day?

I used to be more of an outsider so I spent a fair amount of time on the internet. In any case that influenced me a lot. I definitely grew a lot when I decided that being different is actually a pretty good thing.

If you could wish for one thing for the world what would it be?

Ban Billionaires!

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